Center for Book Art: New York April 1st, 2004

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ABC's Cookie Blocks
June Hildebrand

Roman Holidays
Shan Ellentuck

Salty Tales of the Sea
Kristen Rorke

The Small Chocolate Codex from Vinci
Jorge Simes


Case of Type
Jennifer Verbit & Carolyn Burgess

Hot Type & Hot Salsa
Rick Schell

Devotional Book: Eat the Buddha
Lisa Peet

Hard Boiled Thriller a tale of Two Cookies
Béatrice Coron

The Spirit of the Celts
Maki Takahashi

Celebrity Truffles or Ganache with Panache
Charita Patamikakorn

East Meet West in Wordless beauty
Michelle Bennett

In Response
Marthimus S. Erasmus


Just Take a Bite Out of Life
Laurence H. Gerard

Waters Edge
Georges Masraff

Traces of Tea: Black Tea with Rice and Vanilla
Julian Haladyn

Stephanie Krause & Russell Lehrer
Fashion Plate
Audrey Christensen & Maura Lynch

A Treat for Peter Rabbit
Michelle Raccagni