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Books2Eat First Festival- April 2000

Feed the World -New Roads High School bookarts students- Santa Monica- Ca- First Edible Book Festival-2000
The 2nd International Edible Book Festival

version française

Participants of the First Festival
April 1st, 2000

Papermakers of Victoria

France version française
Matiére Contact
7 rue de la Victoire, 69003 Lyon
tel 04 72 61 92 95
le livre, enfin nourrira son homme...

A Paris chez Shirley Sharoff
Participating artists: Annick Butre, Gaelle Pelachaud, Boris Tissot.... pictures online

Argyle-Zebra Gallery St. Paul Minnesota
3 - 6:30 pm 308 Prince street
Contact: Robyn Beth Priestley (651) 310-0026 Jeffrey Morrison - A-Z Gallery (651) 602-9105
Are ALL artists starving? Not necessarily! View the work in the First Annual Edible Book Exhibition and High Tea, where production and consumption meet. It's your chance to "have your art and eat it too". Materials will include, turkey, seaweed, eggs, toast, jello, grains, artichokes, fruit, candy, soup, caviar, vegetables, etc. - encompassing all the major food groups!

Arizona State University ,John Risseeuw,School of Art Tempe, AZ 85282-1505 480/965-3713 off; 480/965-8338 fax
The event will also be charitable; proceeds raised will be donated to local literacy programs. Students in Professor John Risseeuw's Artist's Books class will be joined by other students and artists in showing their edible art. Risseeuw has previous experience with edible art, having screenprinted editions of cookies with edible inks in the early 1970s.

Center for Book Arts - New York - New York-
All edible works of art are displayed, auctioned and eaten!
The Center for Book Arts 28 West 27th St 3rd Fl New York, NY10001

Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts - Chicago- Illinois Come to see the 26 great books !

Mesa College - San Diego -California
The Book Arts Class at San Diego Mesa College will have Edible Book "Elevenses" on Monday morning, April 3 in the Printmaking Room of the Art Department. We'll display each participant's edible book and do a poetry collaboration involving chocolate syrup. All the books are to be photographed, and subsequently the menu will be produced in a small edition as our annual letterpress project.

Sam Francis Gallery - Los Angeles- California
Crossroads School for the Arts and Science, 1714 21st St., in Santa Monica. Local artists such as Beth Thielen, Katherine Ng, Gloria Helfgott, Sue Ann Robinson and many more make this event unforgettable.

San Diego Edible Book High Tea Celebrate April Fool's Day at the San Diego Book Arts Edible Book High Tea: A chance to let your imagination go bananas! Bring your creation, a book or book object that is fully edible (and maybe even appetizing!). Sara at (858) 459-0652

The Printer, Findlay. Ohio The Printer-monthly for letterpress 337 Wilson Street Findlay OH 45840 Have on hand plenty of rice paper and soy ink to serve up tasteful volumes. One particular one-off book nearly ready published by The Printer is "Eat My Words" another is "Short History of Fast Food" -- other titles to be released in April issue of The Printer. Should mention that a Swiss firm has retro-fitted a Thompson caster with stainless steel pot to cast chocolate cap W Cooper characters for the event. They are also casting Cheltenham Extra Condensed for those on restricted intake. Contact: Michael Phillips

University of Iowa, Iowa City curated by Emily Martin, the menu will be a pop-up!

Book Eaters 2000 were in Australia, in France at Shirley Sharoff's studio in Paris and Matiere Contact in Lyon, at the Argyle-Zebra Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota; at the School of Art at Arizona State University in Tempe; at the Center for Book Arts in New York City; at Chax Press in Tucson, Arziona; at the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts in Chicago, Illinois; at the home of Sara Rosenbluth’s in La Jolla along with the San Diego Book Arts group; at the Printer, Findlay, Ohio where even type lice were featured; at the San Francisco Center for the Book; and at Crossroads School, Sam Francis Gallery in Santa Monica. At Mesa College in San Diego, the Book Arts Class had an Edible Book event on 3 April 2000.

Letters from the Grave- Linda Aiello
Santa Monica- Ca 2000


Peter Frank: LA Weekly, 31 March - 6 April 2000
One of the best ways to Fool April is to attend the first International Edible Books High/Low Tea. . Yep, you read right. Edible books. . As in, gnaw on a novel, chomp on a chapbook, scarf science fiction, pack away poetry, munch on a memoir, and as for autobiographies, well, you are what you eat. If you happen to be anywhere on Foopril, the same sorta shindig will be exfoliatin' not only in Los Angeles, but also in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, San Diego, Tucson, Iowa City, Findlay (OH) as well as Australia, France and possibly, England and Japan. (And if you're in none o' the above, many of the events will be documented and put online post facto--or, if you would delecto--and ultimately published by Umbrella Editions, co-sponsor of the cross-country oral gratification with Colophon Page. Be there or go hungry--and fair warning: It's a high tea, so at 4 p.m. local time, promptly, the edibooks that had been on view for the previous two hours will be served up to all and sundry. You may get seconds, however, if you come dressed as a silverfish.

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The First International
Edible Book
Photo Albums :

photo album including Los Angeles, New York, Paris/ France,San Diego and more..,

Argyle-Zebra Gallery
St. Paul Minnesota

Chicago Center for Paper and book Arts

An archive of those pictures already are at Umbrella Edition.

Hommage at William Blake
Mindy Bellof,
New York,2000

Tango-Alice SImpson_Center for Book Arts, New York 2000

Matière Contact
Lyon-France 2000

Li Bai Lettuce
Shirley Sharoff
Paris 2000

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